SerenityXS is a B2C & B2B e-commerce platform created for entrepreneurs. Our website targets those who are serious about finding a quality resource for their shopping pursuits as well as a platform for each advertiser to reach their target market. Here, you will find health, beauty, apparel, and many more products and services. SerenityXS is built on a solid foundation of experience and success. We are a network and online community of entrepreneurs & business owners. As a collective, SerenityXS supports B2C and B2B in their journey to becoming successful business owners. SerenityXS aims to provide a credible and affordable platform through professional development, resources, marketing and promotional opportunities. SerenityXS is changing the way B2B and B2C entities are viewed by communities. We desire to be the resource companies are seeking to help them expand their network. So, share the SerenityXS platform to advertise your brand…It’s credible. It’s affordable. And it’s reaching the mass population!

The Audience at a Glance

our mission

Serenity XS mission is to celebrate small businesses and inspire our community to not only thrive but evolve together while providing a platform to expand your brand and consumer relations.

our why

Established in 2018, SerenityXS was created by Selena Johnson, mom, public figure, brand ambassador a household favorite of Lifetime’s Hit TV Show, “Bring It!” The ever so loving, witty and gorgeous bombshell is the mom of the saucy Sunjai, the darling twins, Star and Sky and the handsome, laid-back Quincy. Selena Johnson is not only a household name, but carries a powerful influence amongst the millennials and the ever-growing population of entrepreneurs, Generation X. With a platform built to draw the attention of many, Selena has decided to use it to provide entrepreneurs with a credible and cost-effective way to advertise their brand. With so many entrepreneurs stepping into the realm of faith with a small budget, it’s nearly impossible to find an affordable way to advertise your business or brand all around the world.


1. What is Serenity XS?

SerenityXS is a B2C & B2B e-commerce platform created for entrepreneurs to provide an opportunity for small and independent businesses to gain access to new and larger audiences at an affordable price.

2. What are the entry requirements for my business?

You must have/own business 

3. What is the minimum/maximum size of the picture that I have to use?

Banner Ads: 1500 x 648 px
Square Ads:  400 x 330 px

4. Do you have to own a website in order to advertise with SerenityXS?

No website is required to advertise with Serenity XS

5. How can I become a Sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsorship contact us at

6. How long will my ad stay on the site/platforms?

SerenityXS offers different packages, depending on the package you pick will decide how long your business will be advertised. 

7. Is the website secure?

Yes, this website is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) and reCAPTCHA

8. If I have multiple businesses do they all qualify for one business price?

No, if you are the owner of multiple businesses each business requires a separate ad

9. Is there a charge for changing any information regarding my event/ad?

Any information you may need to change will be free the first time, any additional changes will be $50.00

SerenityXS is built on a solid foundation of experience and success. We are a team of creative directors that want to help your business become even more successful.