SerenityXS is a conglomerate of B2B & B2C small business owners who use the platform to advertise and introduce their business and services to each other as well as the masses through conversation, online engagement and event-based networking. Under Selena’s leadership, SerenityXS is one of the fastest-growing platforms for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Founder of Serenity XS has grown an immense fan base which allows her to provide a stable platform for the B2B & B2C population. Selena has a natural desire to help communities thrive and understands that entrepreneurs, Mom & Pop stores are the veins of all communities. Yet those veins go dry if there is no affordable and credible way to tell a mass population about the small businesses and brands within communities…Your community.

Because of her strong PR skills, she has held titled positions and secured her spot as a promoter with Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Crown Royal and Seagram’s Gin through Aspen Marketing to name a few. She has even held the spotlight as an event model that escorted LeBron James, Trey Songs, worked as well as Sports Radio. She has also done countless other promotions to include, Sneaky Vault, Boombod, Flattummy Tea, MaryK & Princess House. With all the successes, she still says her Major Achievement was becoming a mother, graduating college with honors, becoming a role model for women and children and launching SerenityXS. Just like any Boss, the founder of SerenityXS knows the challenges of being a mom and running a business. She has also had to juggle being a mom, grandmother, tv personality and caretaker for her grandmother R.I.P

Her purpose is to help others expand their business because “those who already have attained” tend to forget about the small businesses. She wants to encourage others to appreciate and support small businesses. If consumers support small businesses, then money can keep flowing within their community.

I grew up watching how unselfish, giving, and helpful my grandmother was towards people and that was definitely instilled in me. I can help entrepreneurs reach their target market by promoting on all of my social media platforms. I’m blessed to have been a part of Lifetime’s Hit TV Show “Bring It!” which allowed me to gain a variety of different followers from kids, women and men in different places all over the world. Over the years I’ve developed relationships with people I’ve never even met in person and I want to connect those people with the businesses I have on the SerenityXS platform. My goal is to help businesses gain new customers, reach their financial goal, make consumers aware of these businesses and get consumers to buy local. I want to impact the business community in a positive way by letting them know it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have been through, you can still accomplish your goals.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to provide a platform that’s credible and affordable so people can save money and put money back into their business and community.